SAD BOY 100 ML Synthetic

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Sadboy Synthetic E-Liquid Sadboy E-Liquid brings an innovative blend to vape juices, setting them apart. Taste perfection from inhale to exhale without thinking about your calorie intake. Whatever emotion you f…

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Sadboy Synthetic E-Liquid

Sadboy E-Liquid brings an innovative blend to vape juices, setting them apart. Taste perfection from inhale to exhale without thinking about your calorie intake. Whatever emotion you feel while vaping this, it won't be sad.  


Butter Cookies (Cookie Line)
Warm lemon cookies with a buttery flavor
Strawberry Jam (Jam Line)
Fresh strawberry jam cookies dipped in creamy strawberry milk

Unicorn Tears (Cookie Line)
Mystery flavor:
A perfect balance of fruity and sweet flavors

Blueberry Jam (Jam Line)
Delicious blueberry jam cookies

Custard Cookie (Cookie Line)
Combining the crumbs of our multi-award-winning Butter Cookies

Keylime Cookie (Cookie Line)
The flavor of freshly baked key lime cookies

Shamrock Cookies (Cookie Line)
An infusion of minty green creamy shake is added to the traditional Sadboy dessert pastry.

Pumpkin Cookie (Cookie Line)
A seasonal blend of sweet and savory pumpkin spice flavors begins with the same delectable cookie base SadBoy is known for.

Blue (Happy End)
This delicious e-liquid has all the sugary sweet aroma and freshly spun cotton candy flavor.

Blueberry (Nola Line)
Featuring scrumptious granola, plump blueberries, and sweet cream, this breakfast vape is sure to please any vaper.

Blueberry Cookie (Cookie Line)
It is a delicious blend of fresh blueberries blended with sweet and savory flavors of a fresh baked butter cookie.

Lemon Cookie (Jam Line)
It is a delightfully aromatic sweet lemon jam flavor paired with soft, freshly baked buttery cookies.

Pink (Happy End)
This tasty flavor produces sweet, dense, aromatic vapor clouds with a slight berry flavor you’ll love.

Punch Berry (Fruit Line)
A well-rounded flavor with berries, tart lemons, and delicious raspberries tops all that off with a lip-puckering sour taste. The perfect combination of sour and sweet.

Punch Berry ICE (Ice Fruit Line)
Punch up the volume with Sadboy Punch Berry Ice. It delivers the delicious flavors of sweet raspberries, zesty lemonade, and sour berries with a hint of menthol. This is for an on-the-rock experience.

Rainbow Blood (Fruit Line)
Assorted mixed fruits create a delectable frenzy of fruity madness that creates a one-of-a-kind blend.

Rainbow Blood ICE (Ice Fruit Line)
It is a refreshing mix of fruit with tropical fruit flavor notes and bursting with icy cool menthol flavor.

Strawberry (Nola Line)
It’s a tasty vape that blends delicious granola with strawberries and sweet cream to delight your taste buds.

Mango Blood (Fruit Line)
It's a sweet, tropical island paradise filled with mango flavors that will transport you to a tropical island paradise.

Mango Blood ICE (Fruit Line)
Capturing notes of delectable mango nectar enhanced with menthol.

SAD BOY 100 ML Synthetic


SAD BOY 100 ML Synthetic


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